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Enjoy Big Bear FREE

The free version operates two locomotives or trains and up to three route sequences. No limit to the size of the layout.
Ideal for small layouts and for testing the compatibility of the software before purchase.

For larger layouts, Big Bear offers Three purchase options starting at just £19.95

Brown Bear Up to 7 locos/trains, unlimited sequences at £19.95

Ideal for the starter layout. Add more locos later with a Loco 'Add-On' pack.

Polar Bear Up to 27 locos/trains, unlimited sequences at £44.95

MOST POPULAR. For the larger layout with up to 27 DCC enabled locomotives.

Grizzly Bear Up to 101 locos/trains, unlimited sequences at £69.95

The ultimate club layout with up to 101 DCC locomotives. More locos can be added with a Loco Add-On pack.

Big Bear DCC Model Rail Controller Software

Get started with Big Bear FREE edition

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