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  • Software Mimic Diagram for your layout
  • Simulated Throttles control locos
  • Preset Sequences set predefined routes
  • Record and Playback in real-time
  • Magic Routing automatically sets turnouts

Easy To Use

Create Layouts and Add Locos in No Time

With Big Bear, adding your layout is as simple as dragging track and signals onto the design area. Add locos and trains with ease and create sequences to set routes at the press of a button.

Customers are amazed at how easy Big Bear is to set up. Even some hardcore analogue train enthusiasts have been known to be at least a little bit impressed!

Works with NCE Powercab, Horby Elite, Lenz and XpressNet compatible systems plus Digitrax and other systems that run LocoNet

Runs on a broad range of Windows systems, from the latest touch-enabled Windows 10 PCs way back to old Windows XP machines. Here at Big Bear we know that many of us railway enthusiasts redeploy old PCs for the layout.

Record and playback your track and loco movements to millisecond accuracy. Store your recordings for future use. Set then to 'loop' and have it replay over and over again. You can choose to replay the track, loco movements or both. No track feedback is needed or used for recordings, as it simply remembers the timing of your actions within Big Bear. Note that the ultimate accuracy of a reply is also dependent on the motors and mechanics of your locomotives. 

A really easy and fun way to find a short route between two points on your layout. Use your mouse to select the start and endpoint, then let Big Bear find the route and set the track. Store this route as a sequence to use in the future. If your screen allows touch, use your finger to find the route.

Users are often so surprised at how quickly you can set up a track and have it running. Adding your layout is as easy as dragging track items from the palette to the screen. Simply add the DCC addresses to your turnouts and signals, then Bob's your uncle.

Big Bear DCC Model Rail Controller Software

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