Big Bear Compatibility (updated Aug 2012)

The Big Bear DCC Rail Controller program is being rapidly expanded to support all major brands of DCC operating systems. The chart below summarised the current status for popular systems in the UK and beyond

Before operating the Big Bear you will require a computer interface with your DCC system including any required cables and connectors. Some systems are provided with a computer interface while other may require purchase of additional components. Please refer to your DCC operating manual for more details.

DCC Controller 
NCE PowerProTested!The Big Bear DCC Rail Controller Software has been designed, tried and rigorously tested on Moore Street TMD layout with the NCE PowerPro command control system
Hornby EliteTested!The Big Bear software has been successfully tested using a Hornby Elite
LENZ Tested!LENZ/ExpressNet is fully functional although feedback is not yet supported
Other ExpressNet V3Tested!Other XPressNet compatible systems that are compatible with LENZ should work, please test your setup using the free edition before purchasing.
LocoNetTested!Loconet/DigiTrax is functional but does not yet support feedback and is limited to 8 loco functions
SPROG IISoonWe have been kindly donated Sprog II by Sprog and an interface is under development
MRC/GaugemasterNo PlansThe proprietry protocol used by MRC prevents us from linking to this system in the forseeable future

Note that as with any software that is designed to work with such a wide range or controller versions and accessories, compatibility issues may arise in some cases. If you encounter a scenario where Big Bear doesn't quite work as intended we want to hear from you. If we can we will endeavour to produce an update to the software as fast as possible. We always recommend that you try the software trial first.

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