Activate your Big Bear Rail controller program

ACTIVATION CODE :- ?????-?????-?????-?????

Enter your 12 digit LICENSE KEY then press the button to obtain your ACTIVATION CODE. Take these and enter both into your Big Bear Rail controller program where indicated to remove all trial restrictions.

Note that this activation code is valid for 3 days. Should you leave it more than 3 days or need to re-install the software in the future you will need to get a new activation code from here. There is no additional charge.

Any difficulties please call 0701 4 BIG BEAR (0701 424 4232)

* Your license key is a 12 digit number that you will have received by email if purchased online or will be on a card in the CD box if bought at a shop. If you wish to activate your trial version of Big Bear Rail but have not purchased a license key please advance to the Purchase Page Click Here

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