Track Plan Introduction

Moore Street Traction Maintenance Depot & Works is a super detailed, digitally controlled OO scale model railway with sound.

The layout is built on three base boards, measuring a total of 14 feet 4 inches in length by 2 feet 6 inches wide.
The track is Peco Streamline Finescale code 75 with 5 asymmetric 3 way points, 3 double slips, 1 single slip and 16 turnouts all with electro-frog.

 Track Diagram Overview

The whole layout is powered by N.C.E Power Pro System and Lenz LS150 decoders controlled by Big Bear Rail Controller computer software (please enquire).

Click the tabs above to view and read about each section in detail.

Track Diagrams graphics courtesy of Railway Modeller magazine (peco publications)

The Depot

The track configuration comprises of 2 Peco Fine Scale double slips, 1 single slip, 2 asymmetric 3 way points and 10 turnouts all controlled by Lenz LS150 decoders.

The main entrance is via a tunnel from the fiddle yard with access to the fuelling point, the wash, the Maintenance Depot and Works

 Track Diagram Depot


 The Fiddle Yard

Probably one of the most complicated track configurations for a fiddle yard. Comprising of 1 Peco Fine Scale double slip, 3 asymmetrical 3 way points and 5 turnouts all controlled by Lenz LS150 decoders. See photos of the fiddle yard and the wiring underneath.

Track Diagram Fiddle Yard

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