Big Bear DCC

Introduction to the Big Bear DCC Rail Controller program

The Big Bear Rail Controller was designed by the creators of Moore Street TMD to enable a complex layout run realistically with several sound enabled locos operating at the same time with the switching of turnouts, routes and signals. It was soon realised that the only practical way to operate Moore Street TMD was with the investment of some train controller software.

From this humble beginning the Big Bear Rail Controller has evolved new features such as the track diagram, fastkeys, speedometers, Magic Routing, recording, configurable screens, additional accessories and the system now works with a range of popular DCC systems.

With Big Bear we aim to keep things simple,  most people would rather be working on their layout than trying to get their head round some complicated computer program. Creating your on-screen track mimic is as simple as dragging track items onto the screen. Adding locos is as easy as pie.

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